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The most important thing about your sales funnel is to get it finished, done, and live.

A webinar that's DONE can be polished, fixed, and edited. Because it's going to evolve with consumer feedback anyway.

A finished workshop can go live and generate revenue, even with typos. An imperfect, but compelling sales page that's DONE can go live... An email that's DONE can get loaded and sent.

An unfinished sales funnel is just a dream. 

A finished sales funnel that's live will only get better because of consumer feedback.  

So c'mon. Let's get it DONE!

Available Products

Webinar Done!

Fill-in-the-blank webinar using the professional design of your choice for a high-converting webinar using updated 2022 strategies. Templates are specifically for:

- Coaches
- Course creators
- High-ticket service providers.

Get your webinar created in 2 hours instead of 2 days.

Fill-Those-Seats Email Templates

Fill your webinar seats with eager buyers using these proven fill-in-the-blank email "invite" and "show up live" email templates. The show up live templates consistently get 60% or better LIVE show up rates.

Sales Page Done!

How would you like to write a high converting sales page in less than one day using proven sales page formulas? This course includes a fill-in-the-blank sales page with step-by-step tutorials and sales page examples to inspire you!

Proven Email Scripts

Over 25 of my highest performing fill-in-the-blank emails scripts for sales; webinars; challenges; and welcome emails.

1-1 Personal Webinar Feedback & Review

Boost your confidence in your webinar when you jump on a private Zoom for one hour LIVE review, feedback, and editing of your webinar presentation, with Mandy O'Neill, BEFORE you go live. Or you can use this hour for coaching on your content pillars to get you unstuck! I only offer 6 appointment per month, so book now.

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